Here i teach you everything regarding shopping cart in asp.net c#, you can easily understand that how you can make shopping cart using asp.net c#.

how to create shopping cart in asp.net using c#

Here we are going to cover below functionalities in this project.

user side
(1) user can see product with full description (dynamic)
(2) user can search product
(3) user can perform add to cart
(4) user can see cart items with total amount
(5) shopping items using as a guest and using login
(6) user can also delete and modify items from cart
(7) user can pay money using paypal
(8) user can see their given order
(9) we are also going to check product when user trying to do add to cart meand item is 5 so user can not purchase items more than 5.
(10) after completion of order user can get their given order in email
(11) user can give comments(feedback) regarding items.
admin side
(1) admin login page
(2) admin can add/edit/delete product category
(3) admin can add/edit/delete product
(3) admin can see product stock
(4) admin can receive orders
(5) admin can see also product information.

here i will teach you using video tutorials so you can easily understand that.

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