Here i teach you everything regarding inventory management system in vb.net, you can easily understand that how you can make inventory management system in vb.net.

how to make inventory management system in vb.net

we are going to generate this inventory management system it is also known as stock management system this is totally dynamic system so if you want to use this system for supermarket then also you can use and if you want to use for medical store then also you can use, so this will work in any environment. here also you will learn Inventory Management System VB Net, Stock Management System In VB.NET, Sales and Inventory System vb.net,pos system in vb.net,vb.net stock management system,Stock Management System In VB.NET

basically there are two types of user in this system

(1) user
(2) admin
user functionalities

(1) user can login
(2) user can sell items
(3) user can take a items as a return also
(4) user can generate bill

admin functionalities

(1) admin can login
(2) admin can add new user in this system (admin and user)
(3) admin can add unit (KG,LITRE, GRAMS, PIECES etc and many more)
(4) admin can add purchase party info (information of party like (firstname,lastname,contact,address,city etc.))
(5) admin can add products information like(product name, product amount, todays date, quantity, purchase party name, purchase type (cash, cheque), expiry date etc)
(6) admin can add record when purchase an items, so it will increase the stock of items and also user can edit and delete items
(7) admin can sold items and can generate biils (when sold an items then stock will decrease)
(8) admin can add expiry date of products also so if needed then admin can see nearest expiry date products
(9) admin can see the information of stock also
(10) admin can see the purchase report of items between two dates
(11) admin can see the sales report of items between two dates
(12) admin can see the report of any party from whom they purchase products
(13) admin can see the day to day selling and also between two dates selling report
(14) admin can see the current stock of items and also print the report of that items
(15) admin can take a items as a return also
(16) admin can generate bills

admin can generate multiple reports like

(1) purchase report
(2) sales report
(3) stock report
(4) expiry date itemss report
(5) purchase report when user select any party name user can see all the purchases of that party.

here i will teach you using video tutorials so you can easily understand that.

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