If you want to learn asp.net then this tutporial only for you, Here i teach you everything regarding telephone directory in asp.net, you can easily understand that how you can make telephone directory in asp.net.

how to make telephone directory in asp.net

Here i am going to show you everything regarding project in asp.net, you can easily understand that how you can make project in asp.net,how to create simple phone book application aspnet csharp,Make A Simple Phone Directory Application,How to Create Simple Phone Book Application C#,Phone Book in C#,Create PhoneBook in ASP.NET C#,Address Book application in aspnet using c#,how to make small website in asp.net

we are going to cover below functionalities in projects

Telephone Directory in ASP.NET C#, we are going to use sql server as a Backend If you are new in asp.net and you want to learn asp.net then this tutorials for you, you can learn what is master page, how you can use master page and also how you can use html template in asp.net. and also you can learn total database connectivity.

(1) user can register
(2) user can login
(3) user can change password
(4) user can add contact
(5) user can edit contact
(6) user can delete contact
(7) user can display contact
(8) user can search contact
(9) user can logout

here i will teach you using video tutorials so you can easily understand that.

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