Refund and Return Policy

We believe that 1 satisfied customer brings 100 more customers. So we 100% guarantee that after buying the project will work according to the given instructions. If it does not work, send us screenshot of the error, our team will provide you the solution. Even if it does not work, install remote help software i.e. teamviewer from or anydesk from and we will provide remote help to you.

We are providing full support of our e-product, so that there is no need of returning it back later. We advise all our customers to read full project information before placing an order.

As we are selling an e-product not the real physical product, which can be returned by customer without utilizing/using/copying it. Due to which we do not accept returns to any order, hence no refund.

Our office time is 10am to 6pm, so if you buy product after 6pm and then you are facing any issue then send us email, we will contact you next day 10am or as soon as possible.

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