Here i teach you everything regarding library management system in c#.net, you can easily understand that how you can make library management system in c#.net.

how to make library management system in c#.net

Here i am going to show you everything regarding project in c#.net, you can easily understand that how you can make project in c#.net easily,library management system project in c#.net, c#.net projects, how to make project in c#.net step by step, library management system project in c#.net windows application, how to create project in windows appliaction in c#.net step by step.

we are going to cover below functionalities in projects

(1) login
(2) add book details
(3) add student details
(4) edit books details
(5) delete books details
(6) give books (issue books to student) to student
(7) return books from student and add in available stock
(8) search books
(9) search student
(10) we can see that how many student have books right now
(11) we can send sms/email to student regarding their books
(12) we can find books as per publication name or as per author name
(13) generate crystal report of books and publications etc so we can print them.
(14) logout
(15) i will show you how you can create setup of this software.

here i will teach you using video tutorials so you can easily understand that.

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