Here i teach you everything regarding library management system in asp.net, you can easily understand that how you can make library management system in asp.net.

how to make library management system in asp.net

Here i am going to show you everything regarding project in asp.net, you can easily understand that how you can make project in asp.net easily,how to make library management system project in ASP.NET and SQL SERVER,asp.net library management system,Library Management System Project in ASP.Net C#, how to make library management system in asp.net c# step by step

we are going to cover below functionalities in projects

student side

(1) student can register, we will add captcha in registration, after registration student account will activated after verified by librarian.
(2) student can login / forget password => for forget password we will send email with link and using that link student can add new password.
(3) student can update their profile / student can change password.
(4) student can search book and student can download pdf and video if available.
(5) student can see their taken book with details like books submission date, book issue dates, penalty etc.
(6) student will get notification if librarian send any message.
(7) student can give reply of librarian message.
(8) logout.

librarian/admin side

(1) librarian can login.
(2) librarian can add new book details with pdf and mp4 if available then.
(3) librarian can edit book details.
(4) librarian can delete book details.
(5) librarian can verify student details and approve student account and block student account.
(6) librarian can issue books to students.
(7) librarian can add return books in stocks means student books return functionalities.
(8) librarian can see all books with stocks.
(9) librarian can search books.
(10) librarian can search students.
(11) librarian can see that how many students have books right now.
(12) librarian can send message to student regarding their books pending so student can see notification. (13) librarian can find books as per publication name or author name. (14) librariancan set per day penalty==> example if librarian set 1$ per day and student submit book 10 days after submission date then student have to pay 10$. (15) logout.

here i will teach you using video tutorials so you can easily understand that.

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